"I…believe you. The Elders have said you wish to destroy the Star Forge and the terrible legacy of our ancestors. If you need help to do this, I will not stand in your way."
―The guide to Revan[src]

This Unidentified Elder Rakata was the Elder Tribe's guide during the Jedi Civil War. After Revan returned to Lehon to destroy the Star Forge, the Elder Council told this Rakata to perform a chant with several others, which allowed Revan to get access to the Temple of the Ancients.[2] This Rakata was hopeful that Revan would destroy the Star Forge, and his hopes was fulfilled when Revan destroyed the Star Forge, though it is unknown whether or not Revan aided this Rakata and the others in going back to galactic society.[2]


Notes and referencesEdit

  1. It can be said that the guide was born on Lehon since it was over 15,000 years before that the Rakata race was forced to go back to their homeworld and it is unlikely that he was 15,000 years old.
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