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"Uuk–tu lok!"
―The Ewok scout[src]

An Ewok scout lived on the Outer Rim moon of the gas giant planet of Endor around 19 BBY, the final year of a war known as the Clone Wars. When troops from the Galactic Republic arrived on the moon, the Ewok's clan captured the female Twi'lek Jedi Knight Aayla Secura, who had arrived with the Republic clone troopers, and a B1 battle droid that she had disabled, and brought them both back to the Ewok village. Secura had arrived to investigate the disappearance of a battle droid outpost and a detachment of clone troopers. The Ewoks captured her by knocking her unconscious with a poison dart. When she awoke in the Ewok village, the Ewok scout was the first to greet her, and took an interest in her lekku. Secura angrily told the Ewok to back off. The Ewok chieftain explained, through the battle droid's translations, that a monster had been terrorizing the village for some time. Believing that Secura was a forest spirit, the Ewoks wanted her to destroy the monster. The Ewok scout along with a few others guided Secura to the monster's cave, which sat far above the forest floor. Directing her to the cave, the Ewoks waited for her return. While Secura was able to kill the monster, the battle droid translator had been destroyed during the skirmish.[1]


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