This Ewok village was located in Sector 5-7 on Endor. Shortly after the Battle of Endor, it housed the Rebel commando group Recon-A who had been assigned to the village to help the Ewoks recover from the battle. The southern outskirts of the village served as the battlefield of a skirmish, as a group of abandoned Imperials assaulted it.

The village was a treetop village accessible via a stairway in a giant hollow tree. The stairway split in two, and provided two access points. The village was bound together by a network of platforms and walkways. A small storage from for weaponry was found in a hollow tree towards the south edge of the village, and in the south-eastern corner was a large storage room for foodstuff and additional weaponry. A sentry hut was also found in the southern outskirts. Areas of the village were booby-trapped for defense.


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