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A Force-user inhabited the planet Ruusan sometime between 1002 BBY and 1000 BBY during the New Sith Wars.[2] Despite the individual's attunement with the Force, their ability to wield its power was deemed unremarkable for their time. Nonetheless, the Force-user was present at some stage of the Ruusan campaign,[1] a series of battles fought between the Jedi Order's Army of Light and a Sith faction called the Brotherhood of Darkness.[3]

During their time on Ruusan, the Force-user encountered Darth Rivan, a Dark Lord of the Sith who had been unwittingly transported forward through time and left completely drained of the Force. This incident occurred due to the malevolent power of the Darkstaff,[1] a Sith artifact that was once in the Dark Lord's possession.[4] Upon their encounter with Darth Rivan, the Force-user managed to kill the severely weakened Dark Lord of the Sith.[1]


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