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During the Fondor shipyard assault, a GR-75 medium transport was used by the Rebel Alliance in the event. It was modified to run on autopilot so that Rogue Squadron, via captured TIE Hunters, would escort the "captured" transport over to a shield station at the shipyards constructing a variant of the Executor-class Star Dreadnought line. The transport would then go on a collision course with the targeted shield station. Rogue Squadron initially attempted to trick the Imperial commander into accepting the vessel, but the commander and his staff weren't fooled by the attempt, as there were weren't any prisoners to be scheduled for days, and lifesign readings discovered that there weren't any passengers onboard at all. Rogue Squadron was then forced to hold off the Imperial fighters long enough for the transport to collide with the shield station, which it succeeded in doing so, heavily damaging the station to the point that the station's doors went haywire.