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A GR-75 medium transport was involved in the late stages of the Battle of Kothlis in 3.5 ABY. It contained a commando force led by Rebel Alliance General Crix Madine, at least four BTL Y-wing bombers, and at least three T-47 airspeeders.

After the Imperial II-class Star Destroyer Motivator was shot down by Rogue Squadron over Kothlis, the Rebels, trying to retrieve the data from the CR90 corvette Razor, which was captured by the Motivator during the space battle and thus went down with the ship, the transport, escorted by Rogue Squadron, went down to the Motivator's crash site on Kothlis. Initially, they intended to land directly on the Motivator's wreck, but they eventually were forced to land it far away, although still in close proximity to the Motivator, because of the discovery that the Motivator's remains had a core that would go critical within minutes, and thus were unwilling to risk getting the transport destroyed. Afterwards, Rogue Squadron proceeded to defend the transport and commandos while they attempted to enter the Motivator. Upon acquiring the data, the transport picked up the troops and lifted off.

Behind the scenesEdit

The transport appears in the 2001 video game Star Wars: Rogue Squadron II: Rogue Leader.