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During the Raid at Bakura, this GR-75 medium transport, alongside two others, was involved in rescuing prisoners from Bakura. It was ambushed and destroyed late into the raid by Sarkli.


After Rogue Leader Wedge Antilles disabled one of the Imperial transports attempting to flee the system upon Rogue Squadron's arrival, as well as ensuring the successful extraction of prisoners inside the two prior dropship transports, the GR-75 medium transport exited hyperspace and arrived at the location of the Imperial transport and docked with it. The ship's commander then confirmed that it has docked with the transport and is transferring the prisoners onto its own ship as they spoke. It then relayed to Rogue Squadron requesting for backup as it was being swarmed by various TIEs. Upon successfully retrieving the prisoners, the GR-75 transport then left the ship and prepared to jump into hyperspace, with the commanding officer thanking Rogue Squadron for their support.[2]

However, the ship never got the chance to leave: an Imperial escort carrier captained by the storm commando Sarkli ambushed the vessel and proceeded to recapture the prisoners. After removing the ship's rescued prisoners, it then opened fire on the transport, destroying it. Antilles managed to discover this only after rescuing Hobbie when the latter's X-wing was shot down over Bakura.[2]



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