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"Gardulla has a request, she wants to know which one of you is stronger."
―Sy Snootles, tricking the guards into fighting each other.[src]

This Gamorrean resided in Gardulla the Hutt's Palace on Nal Hutta around 21 BBY during the events of the Clone Wars.


When Ziro the Hutt was imprisoned by the Hutt Ruling Council inside Gardulla the Hutt's Palace, this Gamorrean along with two others were tasked with guarding his cell. After Sy Snootles learned of Ziro's whereabouts, she went to the prison and, in order to get past the guards, convinced this guard and the other one that Gardulla the Hutt requested to see which one of them is the stronger, so they started fighting. Snootles then told a third guard to break up the fight between these two, and all three guard fought to the death. Their bodies were later found by the Hutt Grand Council.