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"For Mandalore!"
―GenoHaradan thug[src]

This individual was a Rally Master in Mandalore the Ultimate's Neo-Crusader army. Following his people's defeat in the Mandalorian Wars this man found employment with the GenoHaradan: a secret society of elite assassins dedicated to eliminating enemies of the Galactic Republic.

The thug wielded a double-bladed vibrosword in combat, which was laced with a poison unique to the GenoHaradan.

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Non-canon dark side storyEdit

After Revan met Hulas on Manaan in 3956 BBY and accepted his proposal to kill the other GenoHaradan leaders, he was soon betrayed by Hulas himself. This Mandalorian, along with other GenoHaradan hunters and assassins fought Revan in the Dune Sea on Tatooine and were killed by him.



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