"No, I'm not like that, not one of them. I used to… I used to plague humans. I was fascinated with your kind. I followed, I teased…you are so exciting!…and I thought, It might be worth it just to partake of a human, even as the last experience of my life. But I saw the error of my ways, of my thoughts, and I've dedicated myself to helping others see the truth! The truth that we are all the same, that we may commune in joy if we give ourselves to Waru!"
―The Ghostling woman[src]

Giving up a life of seducing and flirting with Humans, a Ghostling woman became a devotee of the extra-dimensional being Waru in 14 ABY. She encountered the Corellian smuggler Han Solo on Crseih Station that year and tried to preach to him about her new-found faith. The smuggler assumed she was trying to seduce him, as Ghostlings were wont to do, and he initially rebuffed her, knowing that any intimate relations between a Human and a Ghostling would no doubt kill the Ghostling due to their fragile nature. Nevertheless, the Ghostling female protested that she no longer sought to plague Humans and was entirely devoted to Waru.

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