An Unidentified Grand Mage was a Gotal male that held the title of Grand Mage of the Order of the Canted Circle in the decades before the Battle of Naboo being the leader of the group; he courted the wealthy Muun leader of Damask Holdings, Hego Damask, in an attempt to get him to join which ultimately failed; however Damask kept an invested interest in the Order and attended many ceremonies, as well as inviting the Gotal to the secret Gatherings on his private moon. In 52 BBY the Mage decided to gave the honor to join the Order to Larsh Hill, one of the most trusted agents and a friend of Hego Damask, but his initiation ceremony was chosen by the Maladian assassins hired by Pax Teem for their attack on Damask. So a cadre of Maladian assassins killed the Gotal Mage and other waiting Order's members and the Maladians disguised themselves as Canted Circle's members to lure in trap the Muuns.