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"Wesa no liken mixen wit da Queen. She bringen da Mackineeks on uss-en. We hates da Mackineeks! Wesa die. Da Queen do dis. Wesa tinken Savor is bombad. Wesa tinken Savor gonna be da leader now."
―A Gungan warrior shares his adjusted point of view.[src]

In 32 BBY, the Trade Federation invaded the planet of Naboo. One Gungan, a warrior, fled into the swamps surrounding the Gungan capitol Capital city, Otoh Gunga. While in the wilderness, he fell under the hypnotic influence of Savor Kibbs, a charismatic Dark Force Adept that had been rejected for training by the Jedi Council. Under Kibbs' influence, the Gungan warrior became an unreasoning fanatic that opposed the leadership of Naboo's Queen, Padmé Amidala, and promoted Kibbs' superiority.

Kibbs developed a plan to use the Gungan warrior, as well as other refugees that had fallen under his influence, to disrupt the peace treaty between the Naboo and the native Gungans so that he could seize control of the planet for himself. Elements of the plot were discovered by Lialla Tane, a Human female agent of the Naboo Underground. The Underground, an organization that had successfully resisted the Trade Federation's occupation, dispatched several capable agents, mostly students from Theed's Royal House of Learning lead by Tane, to investigate Kibb's renegades. When the agents discovered Kibbs' encampment, the Gungan warrior and other renegades, a tough looking woman and an angry young man, challenged the convictions of the Underground's agents.

Eventually, Savor Kibbs himself intervened, attacking the agents with Force powers and a reprogrammed Droideka, but was ultimately defeated. The dark hold he had over his followers vanished, and the refugees, including the Gungan warrior, were returned to a normal state of mind.