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This Harbinger Soldier served on the Harbinger in 3951 BBY[1]


"The Sith Warship was empty, sir - we attached an umbilical and sent three teams through it, there's no sign of a crew... or its Commander"
―This Soldier aboard the Harbinger, clearly spooked, speaking to The Captain about the Sith Warship[src]

Serving until Sith Lord Darth Sion seized command of the ship along with his Sith army of Sith Assassins. He is seen speaking to the Captain during one of the Captain's holo recordings, that were discovered by Meetra Surik during her escape from Peragus.

He informs the captain that there were no signs of life aboard the Sith ship they had discovered. This soldier and his teams had been sent to investigate the vessel and, unknowingly, allowed the Sith to infiltrate the Harbinger. This led to a brief skirmish aboard the Harbinger resulting in Sion taking control of the Vessel[1]


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