During the Galactic Civil War, the Holy Advisor to the King of Gascon was a corrupt man who gained both power and wealth from the Galactic Empire prior to the death of Emperor Palpatine. Following Palpatine's death, the Holy Advisor had fallen out of favor with the weak-willed King of Gascon and the pro-New Republic Queen of Gascon, Marilla, had the ear of the King. In order to regain the favor of the King and encourage him to support the Empire that had benefited him, he intended to prove that the Queen had been unfaithful, engaging in an affair with the Prime Minister of the distant planet Demigue. His case hinged on a ring she had given the Prime Minister, which was originally a gift from her husband and was both unique and quite valuable. When the Queen sent several individuals to recover the ring from Demigue, the Holy Advisor sent many cutthroats and spies to intercept them.


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