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A male member of the Houk species worked as a bodyguard for a Human courier hired to deliver a satchel of credits to the Clawdite Prit Kessek. The Houk was to accompany the courier from the planet Junction, where he picked up the credits, to the space station Bazarre via Corellia and Kalarba. The Houk could read and write in Houkese and whilst on the job he carried a Heavy blaster pistol and a Vibroknife.[1]

The Houk successfully accompanied the Human as far as the Grand Terminal spaceport on Junction, but there they were ambushed by a group of hired spacers. The spacers planned to capture the courier and impersonate him in order to get close to Prit, and then Atlee Thanda, a Zygerrian slaver for whom the credits were meant.[1]

Behind the scenesEdit

The Houk first appeared in the Star Wars Roleplaying Game avdventure Zygerrian Takedown which was released online by Wizards of the Coast and designed by Jason Fry in 2003. The adventure presents several possible scenarios for the ambush and does not require that the Houk survive or be killed in order for the adventure to continue.


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