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A Human Padawan studied with the Jedi Order during its formative in the centuries following the Force Wars and the abandonment of Tython.


A Force-sensitive Human was identified as Force-sensitive and began training in the ways of the Force with the Jedi Order circa 25,000 BBY. Stationed at a camp with several other Jedi, the Human sat around a campfire with fellow apprentices Cope Shykrill, a Fian and a Nosaurian. While listening to a shadow play by Shykrill, the Selonian apprentice called upon the dark side of the Force to send the Nosaurian into a rage and slaughter the Fian and the Human. While Shykrill was injured himself in an attempt to cast suspicion onto the Nosaurian, Jedi Masters Sar Agorn and Nuck Lyu saw through the ruse and killed the dark sider.[1]


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