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A Human male guard was posted at Darth Nyriss's stronghold in 3950 BBY. He and his companion were sent by Nyriss, to kill her prisoner—Revan—when her stronghold was attacked by the Imperial Guard. He had a gun on Revan, and while his companion tried to convince him to kill the prisoner, Revan worked to persuade him otherwise. Revan managed to convince them not to kill him, by pointing out that his friend who were on the way would probably kill them if they found him dead, and promised to protect them.[1]

When Meetra Surik, T3-M4, and Lord Scourge arrived, Revan stopped Scourge from killing the two guards. However, Nyriss arrived intent on stopping Revan, Surik, and Scourge from escaping. She killed both guards with her lightning, turning their bodies to charred husks.[1]


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