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This Humanoid male was a Jedi Guardian during the events surround the Great Hyperspace War, when the Sith Empire made their thrust for domination of the Galactic Republic.


A member of a Humanoid species, this Jedi served as a commander of the Coruscant defense force when the Sith fleet arrived prepared for war. He served along side Jedi Knights such as Memit Nadill, Tuknatan, and Sonam-Ha'ar, and the Coruscant soldiers in pushing back the Sith threat. Once Coruscant was protected, this Jedi was part of the fleet the followed the Sith back to their region of space to ensure their forces were decimated, so that the threat they posed was unquestionably defeated.

As a Jedi Guardian, this Jedi was an expert on tactics, weapons, armor, and vehicles used in combat during his time. His weapon of choice was not a lightsaber, but rather a lightstaff imbued with the Force, whose ends both glowed with a resonant blue energy signature.