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A company controlled by members of the Hutt species operated on the planet Junction. The shipping magnate Brevis Taug would regularly transfer credits to the company, meant for the Thanda clan of Zygerrian slavers, whom Taug had helped finance a fleet of slaveships which he was invested in. The company then appointed a courier to pick up the credits on Junction and transport them to a Shadowport, where a Clawdite courier, who was named Prit Kessek and was working for a Herglic crime syndicate, would pick them up an transport them to Zygerria. The courier and Shadowport used would change with each payment, as would the identity used by Kessek to collect it. One courier that the company used was a Human, who was instructed to deliver the credits to the space station known as Bazarre, traveling there with a Houk bodyguard via Corellia and Kalarba.[1]

The courier operation was put to an end when the Human courier was ambushed at Grand Terminal spaceport on Junction by a group of hired spacers trying to shut down the Thanda clan. The spacers then impersonated the guard to reach Kessek, and then subdued and impersonated her to reach Atlee Thanda, a member of the clan whom they defeated.[1]

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The company first appeared in the 2003 Star Wars Roleplaying Game adventure Zygerrian Takedown which was released online by Wizards of the Coast and designed by Jason Fry. The adventure tasks players with taking down Atlee Thanda by impersonating the various couriers who transport credits to him which this article assumes they were successful in doing.


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