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"The Governor doesn't like to be kept waiting!"

This Imperial Governor was in charge of the planet Kabray. During a diplomatic summit at Kabray Station, the governor held a private meeting with a diplomat from the planet Pursin. The Pursian ambassador requested that the governor help his people conquer rivals from the planet Yugami. The governor agreed to end the fighting between the worlds if the Pursians would agree to control the defeated planet as an Imperial satrap. The Pursians agreed, but word about their secret deal began to spread throughout diplomatic circles.

Unknown to the governor, the Rebel heroes, Leia Organa and Luke Skywalker had infiltrated the summit, making it past the doorman by posing as aides to the Hoojib delegation led by Plif. The Rebels were searching for a hidden message left on the station by Tay Vanis, but during their speech, they began to overhear gossip surrounding the governor's secret deal. After Skywalker had located the message and was ready to leave, he overheard another meeting involving the governor. The Yugami had discovered the Pursian's plans, and they had hired someone to poison the governor, hoping to prevent him from announcing his agreement. The hired assassin was able to slip something into the governor's soup after infiltrating the kitchen and then contacted the Yugami, confident in his success.

After overhearing the assassin, Skywalker made his way out into the banquet hall, hoping to get close to the governor and prevent him from eating the soup. At the same time, the governor was waiting with his entourage for the performance of the renowned singer, Shirley, the "Chanteuse of the Stars". The performance had been specially prepared for him, and the governor was looking forward to seeing Shirley for the first time. However, the singer thought the governor nothing but a freak and refused to perform, much to the dismay of her agent, Morti. In a twist of events, Leia Organa, who had been searching for Tay Vanis' message backstage, was mistaken for Shirley and forced to dress the part. The governor, did not notice the switch, and was content to enjoy Leia's rendition of "I'm Just His Satellite".

Unfortunately for the entire convention, Leia's singing inadvertently inspired a young Lahsbee to mature, transforming him into a fearsome Huhk, who began to terrorize the stage. Luckily for the governor, the occurrence took place at the same time he was being served his poisoned soup. The distraction gave Skywalker the opportunity to snatch the soup and destroy it, saving the governor's life, who was unaware of the entire assassination attempt. It is unknown if the governor held up his deal with the Pursians following the event.