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"Captain Pellaeon: Intelligence is still trying to identify which one is his. There's some problem with the records. We should have it in a few more minutes."
"Grand Admiral Thrawn: Minutes which we no longer have, thanks to their shadower's carelessness. He's to be demoted one grade."
Grand Admiral Thrawn and Captain Pellaeon[src]

An Imperial Intelligence Agent was a Human male who served in the Imperial Intelligence and was stationed on the Inner Rim world of Poderis.


When Luke Skywalker arrived on the planet to investigate a possible lead into Thrawn's clone traffic, this agent was assigned to shadow Skywalker. The agent, however, failed to take into account Skywalker's Jedi abilities and was detected almost immediately by Skywalker. Skywalker was subsequently able to escape the trap that the Imperials were laying for him.

Angered by the carelessness of the agent, Thrawn ordered Captain Pellaeon to log an order demoting the agent one grade in rank. Pellaeon reflected that this was a severe punishment, however the agent was quite lucky since the late Lord Vader would have summarily strangled the man. [1]