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The Imperial ambassador to Rhamsis Callo was an Imperial official assigned to Rhamsis Callo, the homeworld of the feline Schenor species.

Following an attack on a Schenor research station, an important Schenor nest-guildmaster named B'karitz came to the Imperial base on the world to announce the nullification of the Schenor/Imperial treaty to the ambassador and demand that the Imperials leave. The Imperials pretended to cooperate, but only long enough for a detachment of troopers to surround and attack B'karitz and the Rebel operatives he was with. The besieged group was able to break through the encircling forces and make their way to the Rebels' ship, from which B'karitz was able to summon aid from other Schenor nobles. The Imperials attempted to flee, but the Rebels were able to disable and board the ambassador's cruiser, returning the ambassador to the planet for local judicial action.


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