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A docking bay was utilized by the Galactic Empire at some point during the Galactic Civil War. The docking bay contained three TIE/LN starfighters, a TIE Advanced x1 starfighter, and a Lambda-class T-4a shuttle on the floor, and a TIE/sa bomber on the ceiling. It having a view of space indicates that it was placed on one of the Imperial Navy's vessels/stations, and the view being unobstructed indicates that it was on the side of the former. Little else is known about the docking bay other than the Sith Lord Darth Vader frequently accessing this area, it possessing three machines in the center of the docking bay that apparently are flight simulations for Yavin Prime, the Hoth system, and Endor, the former two utilizing a line-grid system similar to the IN-344-B "Sightline" holographic imaging system, and the third being more advanced, and sometimes activates a Death Star-like glass-patterned ball that reflects multi-colored lights when Vader approaches the simulators and activates odd beating rhythms of music that an Astromech Droid apparently had involvement in creating.

Behind the scenesEdit

The docking bay appeared in Star Wars: Rogue Squadron III: Rebel Strike, as part of the game's arcade mode in the special features section, which allowed the player to play fully restored ports for the arcade versions of the original trilogy, Star Wars: The Arcade Game, The Empire Strikes Back, and Star Wars: Return of the Jedi, which are unlockable by beating the bonus mission "Death Star Rescue," completing the main game, and via a cheat code, respectively. The player takes control of Darth Vader. Besides the arcade games, the player can also use the opportunity to get detailed descriptions of the TIE/LN starfighter, the TIE Advanced x1, and the Lambda-class T-4a shuttle. However, Vader cannot jump, and since it effectively acts as the main menu for the Arcade systems, Vader cannot select any vehicles.

When the player accesses the docking bay, the Imperial March will be playing in the background. However, when the player gets into close proximity to the arcade machines, the music will change to a disco-style remix of the Star Wars main theme. The song was originally composed by the American musician Meco, who composed the song after seeing A New Hope (then simply titled Star Wars) in theaters. In addition, the setting will change to having multi-color patterns given off from a disco ball that was based in design on the Death Star, a reference to the joke opening for the game which depicts several Star Wars characters doing the disco dance.

The docking bay apparently incorporates elements from both Docking Bay 327/Home One as well as the Executor: The walls and ceiling were taken directly from the Executor's docking bay, and the space background was taken from either Docking Bay 327 or the Home One.