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"Wait, please! I'm worth more to you alive! Your message will get out through my ransom! Your demands will be met!"
―The Imperial governor before being killed by Silri — Gnome-speakernotesListen (file info)[src]

A Human male Imperial governor was in control of the planet Dathomir during the Galactic Civil War. The governor had arranged the capture and public display of Silri, a prominent member of the native Nightsisters to break the spirit of her people, which resulted in a planetwide rebellion and the subsequent imprisonment of many Nightsisters and individuals of various species.

Eventually, Tyber Zann, the leader of the Zann Consortium crime syndicate, and his lieutenant Urai Fen arrived to Dathomir in search of a person who could open the Sith artifact in their possession. The pair engaged with the Imperial forces, destroying several prisons and freeing the convicts, including Silri, who then requested that they kill the Imperial governor. After the Consortium forces destroyed the governor's quarters, Silri slay him as he escaped the ruins of the building.

Behind the scenesEdit

The governor appeared in the 2006 video game Star Wars: Empire at War: Forces of Corruption single-player story campaign during the mission set on Dathomir. The game does not identify him by name, and the generic Imperial Field Commander model is used to portray him in the cutscene featuring him.

"Wait, please! You can ransom me! I have high-ranking friends! I've a family, and they need me. I can help you send a message to powerful people!"
―The governor pleads for mercy.[src]

An alternative line can be found within the comment blocks of the game file STORY_UNDERWORLD_M06_LAND.XML.