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A Human[1] male nobleman of the Sith Empire who was related to a respected Sith Lord fell out of favor during the Cold War. As a result, the Sith Lord arranged for the nobleman to be quietly escorted into exile, though the nobleman panicked, believing he was to be killed, and paid his escorts a large sum to ensure his survival.[2]


Notes and referencesEdit

  1. In its depiction of Imperial society, Star Wars: The Old Republic makes it clear that only Human families could be considered nobility, as they and Sith purebloods were the only species considered "pure." Additionally, almost all Sith purebloods were Force-sensitive, with non-Force-sensitives like Krannus an extreme rarity, and all Force-sensitives were trained as Sith in the Empire.
  2. SWTOR mini Star Wars: The Old Republic—Diplomacy Crew Skill Mission: "Tough Love"