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The title of this article is conjectural.

Although this article is based on canonical information, the actual name of this subject is pure conjecture.

"I encountered a squadron of rebels."
"The rebel fleet?"
"Not an entire fleet, a couple fighters, but my men and I took care of them."
"If they return, be sure to contact us."
―Fenn Rau and the Imperial officer[src]

In the third year before the Battle of Yavin, a human male officer of the Galactic Empire liaised with Fenn Rau, the leader of the Protectors of Concord Dawn, on the third moon of Concord Dawn. He delivered credits to Rau and his Mandalorian warriors in exchange for their loyalty to the Empire. Rau informed the officer that the Protectors encountered Phoenix Squadron, part of the rebellion, and the officer told him to report any such incidents to the Empire in the future.[1]

Behind the scenesEdit

This Imperial officer appeared in "The Protector of Concord Dawn," an episode of the animated television series Star Wars Rebels. He was voiced by Dee Bradley Baker.[1]



Notes and referencesEdit

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