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Desolation Station commander
Unidentified Imperial saboteur
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New Republic era[1]


X1's faction[1]

"Sir! We captured him! He's the one that set the det packs."
―A Grey Squadron member, bringing the Imperial to X2[src]

A Human male member of the self-proclaimed clone Sith Lord X1's faction of the Galactic Empire was stationed at the Imperial prison on the planet Dathomir, which was under control by X1's forces. When X1 relocated his troops to the planet Mustafar, the individual was among the few remaining soldiers left behind at the prison, as it simultaneously came under attack both from the Nightsisters clan of the Witches of Dathomir and the New Republic's Grey Squadron led by X1's clone "brother," X2. During the battle, the Imperial successfully infiltrated Grey Squadron's landing site, planting detpacks on their X-wing starfighters and inflicting heavy casualties to the unit. The man was captured and interrogated by X2 on X1's plans, but he refused to reveal anything, causing X2 to Force-choke him in anger.


"My brother is on Mustafar. What is he planning?"
"Hmph, don't bother! I'm trained to resist your pathetic Jedi mind tricks."
"Resist THIS!"
―X2 questions the saboteur, before Force-choking him[src]
X2 Force choke

X2 Force-choking the Imperial

During the Galactic Civil War, a Human male individual was a member of a splinter faction of the Galactic Empire that was led by a Force-sensitive clone and a self-proclaimed Sith Lord named X1. As part of his training, the man was taught how to resist Jedi mind tricks. Serving X1 in the latter's fight against the New Republic, the individual was at one point stationed on the planet Dathomir, as part of the complement of forces guarding the Imperial prison which X1 used to conduct cloning experiments. Eventually, X1 abandoned the facility and relocated his main forces to the planet Mustafar, leaving behind a small regiment, including the Human, to operate the Dathomir prison. After X1 left, however, a group of Nightsisters—a sect of the native Witches of Dathomirattacked the facility. Almost simultaneously, a New Republic unit, Grey Squadron, arrived on the planet in an attempt to locate X1. Grey Squadron was led by the clone named X2, X1's genetic "brother" and a Jedi Knight. X2 took with him a small portion of his squadron and left to investigate the prison, leaving the rest of his men at their landing site, guarding their X-wing starfighters.[1]

Seeing an opportunity to sabotage the enemy's efforts, the individual slipped to the landing site undetected and planted detpacks on the majority of Grey Squadron's X-wings. The resulting explosions resulted in heavy casualties for the New Republic forces and took many X-wings out of commission. During the commotion, however, the Imperial was captured by the surviving pilots. Soon, X2 arrived back at the site after finishing his mission at the prison and discovering that X1 had moved to Mustafar. The Imperial was brought before X2, and the Jedi tried to question him on what X1's plans were on Mustafar. The individual refused to speak, claiming that his training would protect him against any Force influence X2 could try on him. Angered, the Jedi then used the Force to choke the Imperial, but was soon stopped and calmed down by one of the Grey Squadron members, Shara. The remainder of Grey Squadron then left the planet in pursuit of X1.[1]

Personality and traitsEdit

A light-skinned Human male, the individual wore a gray Imperial uniform, complete with a helmet, during his service on Dathomir. He was loyal to his master X1, refusing to reveal the latter's plans to X2. He was dismissive toward Jedi and their Force-influencing powers, claiming that his training would protect him against any mind tricks.[1]

Skills and abilitiesEdit

The individual was a skilled enough demolitionist, able to plant detpacks on the X-wings to inflict heavy damage to Grey Squadron.[1]

Behind the scenesEdit

This individual made his first and only appearance in the 2009 video game Star Wars Battlefront: Elite Squadron. He appears exclusively in the Nintendo DS version of the game, at the end of the first mission of Act III. The game does not elaborate on the individual's ultimate fate, making it unclear whether he was choked to death, or if Shara stopped X2 in time to save the man's life.[1]


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