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"I don't know how you did it, recruit, but I have a feeling you've been marked for a one-in-a-million career!"
―The sergeant congratulates Davin Felth[src]

This male sergeant served as an All Terrain Armored Transport training instructor at the Imperial Academy of Carida shortly before the Battle of Yavin. This sergeant directed AT-AT pilot candidate Davin Felth on an impromptu training exercise in command of a walker, designated Landkiller One, modified to simulate a surprise attack scenario. When Felth passed the test brilliantly, exposing a critical weakness in the AT-AT design, the sergeant expected the success of the scenario to propel Felth into an exceptional career. However, Colonel Maximilian Veers, head of the Imperial AT-AT program, buried Felth in the Stormtrooper Corps to mask the exposed weakness.