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"Hey! Get away from those cages! Unless you'd prefer to be in one."
―The slaver to Luke Skywalker[src]

An Imperial slaver worked on the moon Cymoon 1 and was in charge of several slaves who helped keep Weapons Factory Alpha running day and night. Shortly after the Battle of Yavin a group of Rebels infiltrated the base, Luke Skywalker a young pilot and Jedi in training located the slaves and was about to free them. However the slaver had seen the Rebel hero and warned him to "step back from the cage unless he'd like to be in one". Skywalker tried a mind trick to change the guards mind, but due to his inexperience he only succeeded in confusing the slaver. The slaver then ignited his electro-whip and threatened to take Skywalker's "face off." Skywalker ignited his lightsaber, pushed past the slaver's whip and severed the guard's hand—leaving him sprawled on the ground in pain.[1]


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