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"The correct response is 'yes sir.' You will learn—or you will fail."
―The drill instructor instructs Davin Felth[src]

This male drill instructor was a member of the instruction staff at the Galactic Empire's stormtrooper basic training facility at the Academy of Carida approximately six months before the Battle of Yavin.


"You sand slime have two minutes to change into your physical training gear and get out here with the rest of your squad—or your butt is mine. Now move!"
―The drill instructor[src]

During stormtrooper recruit Davin Felth's first day at the Academy of Carida, this drill instructor entered the barracks of Felth and fellow recruits Mychael Ologat and Geoff f'Tuhns, only to discover an open bag of contraband food, which belonged to f'Tuhns. When Felth, covering for his comrade, claimed the bag belonged to him, the drill instructor let Felth go with a warning rather than issuing punishment since it was his first day.