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"Mususiel sacrificed herself for us. It was brave. It wasn't enough. The Empire has sent a monster it calls an 'Inquisitor'."
―Zubain Ankonori[src]

At one point when the Smuggler was a young child, the Galactic Empire sent a member of the Inquisitorius after Mususiel, Nuhj, Zubain Ankonori, and Khandra, four Jedi who had survived Order 66 and taken refuge in the Anoat sector. The Inquisitor started by killing Mususiel, who sacrificed herself to save the others. Thanks to her, Nuhj and Kandra managed to flee the Jedi hunter, but Ankonori became the Inquisitor's second victim. In time, the Imperial agent managed to trace their two remaining targets to a place called Embertown, on the planet Burnin Konn. A fight broke out but did not stop there, eventually ending up in a chromium mine near Wickridge, where the Inquisitor slew Nuhj and Khandra.[2]

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