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"Honor comes from slaying your opponent, and the true reward of any job is the taste of your foe's dying blood on your tongue."
―An Iridonian mercenary[src]

This Iridonian mercenary lived during the Jedi Civil War of 3959 BBY. A member of the Iridonian species, he was recruited by the Sith Empire on the planet Manaan to gather youth of the native Selkath species to the Manaan Sith Embassy. There, the youths would undergo training in the dark side of the Force, as part of a long-term Sith plan to gain control of the planet—significant in that it was the only producer of kolto, a powerful medicine. The mercenary encountered the amnesiac Jedi and former Sith Lord Revan on Manaan, explaining to him the traditional rivalry between the Iridonians, Echani and Mandalorians.[2]

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This individual appeared in Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic and was called an "Iridorian". Later, the Knights of the Old Republic Campaign Guide changed the spelling to "Iridonian", reflecting a Lucasfilm Ltd. policy choice.[1]


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