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"I thought you weren't going to mess with Jedi anymore."
―This pirate to Hondo Ohnaka.[src]

An Ishi Tib pirate was a member of the Ohnaka Gang, serving aboard the Acushnet during the Clone Wars.


The Ishi Tib acted as the navigator for a pirate saucer under the command of Hondo Ohnaka and Gwarm. Hondo wanted to board the Jedi ship Crucible in order to steal the lightsaber crystals that were on board. This pirate was wary of this but Hondo talked him into it by revealing they were just children.

When the Crucible was boarded, this pirate assisted in searching for the crystals and the occupants of the ship. To get rid of the pirates, Ahsoka Tano ordered trainee Zatt to activate the re-powered engines and break apart from the pirate vessel. This caused a vacuum which proceeded to suck all of the pirates, this one included, out of the Crucible. While most of the pirates were unlucky and sucked into space, this pirate, along with Hondo, Gwarm, and several others managed to grab hold of part of the pirate shuttle's connecting bridge. In the end, Ahsoka was captured by the pirates and the Crucible blasted off into hyperspace, unaware that Ahsoka was not on board.

Behind the scenesEdit

This pirate was designed by Chris Glenn according to Star's concept art gallery. This pirate was also based on a design created for Return of the Jedi.