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"I am a sad and lonely creature. A sad and despicable wart."
―Unidentified Ithorian[src]

This Ithorian was a melancholic male individual from Rimbaux Four, father of thousands of offspring and, according to him, "the most admired and handsome" Ithorian in the orbit of Satellite Nine.[1]

He at one point wrote a nostalgic piece recalling his youth as a pupa and describing his process of growing up—metamorphosizing—, and the sadness that came with it. He in his later years wandered the Free Trade Zone, while reflecting on his life experiences as an Ithorian.[1]

Behind the scenesEdit

This Ithorian was first mentioned in Monsters and Aliens from George Lucas, a book published in 1993.[2] Lucasfilm employee Leland Chee, who maintains the Holocron continuity database, has indicated that information contained in the book is non-canonical.[3] He was later made canonical with the republishing of Musings of an Ithorian on Hyperspace.



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