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"Thank you, human. I was returning from a visit with a work associate when those child humans attacked me and chased me through the streets."
―The Ithorian to the amnesiac Revan.[src]

This Ithorian lived on the planet Taris by 3956 BBY with his life mate. That year, he was attacked and injured by two children with anti-alien sentiments. He didn't fight back for fear of being arrested. However, the Galactic Republic soldier Revan intervened and chased the children away. After thanking Revan, he returned home to his life mate.

Behind the scenesEdit

The Ithorian will appear outside of the North Apartments of the Upper City when Revan and goes to the Lower City and then return.

Revan can get the children to leave either by telling them that they can't attack him just because he's different, or by threatening them to hurt them, the former would cause them to leave in disgust while the latter would cause them to run away in fear. Regardless of which method is chosen, Revan gains neither light side nor dark side points.

After Revan helps the Ithorian, he would have the option of giving him a medpac, which would give the player light side points however the player won't be able to receive these light side points if the player has no medpacs to spare.

Alternatively, if Revan decides not to stand up for the Ithorian, the children will then taunt him more and throw rocks at him, accidentally killing him. After they realize what they did, they run away to escape trouble. However, if Carth or Bastila are with the party, they will stand up for the Ithorian.



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