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"While looking around I found a crashed starship. Within I saw a dead pilot, and in her hand was the weapon."
―Yeleb recounts how he found his lightsaber[src]

A female human member of the Jedi Order flew a Eta-2 Actis-class light interceptor with an astromech droid. At some point the starship crashed on the planet Vyndal, with the Jedi dead in the cockpit and the astromech destroyed. The human immigrant Yeleb later found the crashed ship and took the Jedi's lightsaber, which he then used to protect the village he lived in.[1]

A few years later, the Jedi Kanan Jarrus crashed on Vyndal where the Galactic Empire, along with the Grand Inquisitor came searching for him. Yeleb, who was still in possession of the Jedi's lightsaber, was killed by the Grand Inquisitor who took the lightsaber.[1]

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The Jedi first appeared in "The fake Jedi," a comic strip written by Martin Fisher and illustrated by Bob Molesworth. The comic did not reveal her name and was published in the third issue of the Star Wars Rebels Magazine in 2015.


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