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A Junker lived on the inhospitable Outer Rim junk planet of Lotho Minor during the time of the Clone Wars.


This Junker lived in a camp in the junkyards of Lotho Minor, along with other Junkers. Around 21 BBY, Force-sensitive Dathomirian Zabrak Savage Opress arrived on the planet in search of his lost brother, Darth Maul, and was accompanied by Morley, an Anacondan he used as a guide.

While searching the planet, the two came across the Junker campsite, and the Junkers, along with this one, became agitated and started attacking the two. Morley retreated back into a pile of rubbish while Savage confronted the Junkers with his dual-bladed lightsaber. However, this Junker stayed behind and pulled out his Sniper blaster, preparing to snipe Savage. Morley spotted the Junker and hit him with his tail, causing him to miss to shot which was then deflected back at him by Savage's lightsaber.


The Junker wore cybernetics to replace body parts and carried a Blaster rifle, other scrap metal that was considered useful as tools, and anything that was salvageable.