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"Just what qualifications do you have—outside of officiousness, boorishness, and misguided snobbery— for any duty whatsoever?"

This doorman was employed at Kabray Station, where he announced incoming delegates that frequented the high class space station. He had two stormtroopers at his disposal, and they assisted him in keeping out uninvited guests.


When Luke Skywalker and Leia Organa attempted to infiltrate the station to search for a message that had been left there by Tay Vanis, they were stopped by the doorman who demanded identification. Since the two Rebels were posing as aides to Plif, the delegate from the planet Arbra, the Hoojib began to scold the doorman for his poor manners. After claiming that he had been invited, Plif threatened to tell the Imperial Governor of the doorman's behavior. Taken aback at the verbal thrashing, the doorman let them pass.