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A Kage Warrior lived on the pressurized planet of Quarzite during the time of the Clone Wars.


Around 21 BBY, this Kage warrior was part of an army led by Krismo Sodi and participated in an attack on a Belugan subtram transporting Krisom's sister, Pluma Sodi, to the Belugan leader Otua Blank.

During the attack, this Kage along with a squad of warriors leaped onto the subtram from a Milodon, and ambushed bounty hunter Bossk as he was traveling to the back of the subtram to help Asajj Ventress. When Bossk enter the carriage, this Kage blew blinding dust into his face, stunning the Trandoshan while the other Kages attacked him. This Kage then started to punch him, eventually knocking him of the subtram.