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A cantina on the planet Katraasii, located in the Katraasii Spaceport, was the favored hangout of Abron Mar, a lieutenant in the crime organization of Takara. The cantina boasted two large dining rooms, one with a bar worked by a bartender.[2] During the year 10 ABY,[1] Mar visited the cantina. However, he was followed by the New Republic Jedi Mara Jade, who was searching for Mar on the behalf of Takara's rival, Ka'Pa the Hutt. After cutting off Mar's escape routes, Jade confronted the lieutenant in the cantina, but Mar escaped through a back door and left his henchmen to deal with Jade.[2]

During this time, the cantina hosted a variety of Human and Ugnaught patrons, Mar's Gran and Weequay henchmen, and a Grave Tusken slept out side the front door. The cantina entertained guests by playing "Mad About Me" over the speakers.[2]


Notes and referencesEdit

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