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"I am Adari, the Rock and the Herald. Savior and Lost Daughter. Ally to the Bright Tuash, legendary winged bearer of mercy. Cast off from far away, I rose from the ocean to bring you tidings of fear and wonder. I am the Rock that rose from the sea, and I will tell you of the flood to come! There are enemies beyond your ken, people of Alanciar. You cannot see them, for they are beyond the sail of your farthest ship. You cannot hear them, though they may speak their evil in dangerous whispers to be heard on the air."
―Actress playing Adari Vaal in the 2975 BBY Observance Day celebrations of Kerebba[src]

In 2975 BBY, a female Keshiri actress played the role of Adari Vaal during the Observance Day festivities in the city of Kerebba during the invasion of the continent Alanciar by the Lost Tribe of the Sith in 2975 BBY.


Early lifeEdit

This unidentified Keshiri actress grew up on Alanciar, a continent on the remote Wild Space planet of Kesh, prior to the Sith "Unification" of Alanciar and Keshtah Minor in 2975 BBY. She was presumably a resident of Kerebba, a city in southern Alanciar. As with all Keshiri living on Alanciar, she was raised from young to loathe and fear the Lost Tribe of Sith, who had taken over the neighboring continent of Keshtah in 5000 BBY. This Keshiri actress was also presumably acquainted with the teachings of Adari Vaal, a Keshiri exile from Keshtah who had escaped Sith rule in 4975 BBY and fled to Alanciar. Vaal had succeeded in warning the Keshiri on Alanciar about the threat posed by the Sith. As a result, Alanciar evolved into a heavily militarized and centralized society over the next two millennia. As with all Alanciari, this actress was expected to commit herself to the Great Cause. Due to her acting skills, she was selected to serve as an actress in the Observance Day plays which commemorated Adari Vaal's secret ten-year resistance against the Lost Tribe.

The Sith InvasionEdit

In 2975 BBY, a Lost Tribe expeditionary force of airships led by High Lord Edell Vrai discovered Alanciar. The Sith expedition was wiped out by the Alanciari military defenses in the Six Claws frontier region. However, the Alanciari War Cabinet feared that this was only a prelude to a full-scale invasion of their continent and placed Alanciari society on war footing. Unknown to the Alanciari authorities, a group of Sith led by High Lord Vrai had survived the "first encounter" and captured the Wardmaster Quarra Thayn. Vaal coerced Thayn into serving as his guide on a reconnaissance mission deep into Alanciar. Their travels eventually took them to the city of Kerebba. By the time they had arrived, it was night time and the city's authorities had organized a play to mark that year's Observance Day, which was held every ten years. Thus, the Sith Edell would witness an Observance Day play for the first time in his life. As part of the festivities, many of the Keshiri spectators had dressed up as "Sith" to fit the play's theme which enabled Edell to escape detection.

Observance DayEdit

For that year's Observance Day play in Kerebba, the Keshiri actress was selected to play the role of Adari Vaal presumably due to her resemblance to the historical figure and her oratorical skills. For that role, she wore leather armor and held a shining glass staff with a glowing globe on top. As part of the play, the Keshiri performance troupe had erected props on the sage including rocks, painted waves, and a large sailing ship. At the beginning, the prop ship "rode" on the painted waves only to be stopped by the false rock. At that point, the Keshiri actress appeared from behind it. The prop ship was then retracted to reveal a group of actors as Alanciari sailors. This scene was intended to commemorate Adari's first encounter with the Alanciari Keshiri.

After introducing herself as "Adari Vaal", the Keshiri actress recounted the well-known story of how Adari had fled Sith-dominated Keshtah bringing news of the threat posed by the Lost Tribe. During a brief speech, the actress claimed that the Sith were the Destructors of Keshiri religion but assured her audience that the Alanciari would be able to defend their continent against these invaders. She extolled the superiority of Alanciar's natural resources including its forests and beasts of burden and the intelligence and industriousness of the Alanciari which had enabled them to develop several technologies including fireglobes and canals. The actress then recalled how Adari had taught the Alanciari about the language and Force powers of the Sith outsiders. She also pointed out that several of the Keshiri were Force-sensitive and designated them as the "Protectors of Kesh"

The Keshiri actress then concluded her speech with a rousing patriotic statement which highlighted the Alanciaris' recent victory over the Sith. She vowed that her people would win more victories against the invaders. Concluding the play, she declared this evening a Day of Observance and stressed that her people would always be observant in anticipation of their final victory over the Sith. Following her speech, the Mayor of Kerebba, an elderly man, stepped onto the stage and reminded the audience that they had seen this play before. He updated the assembled crowd with news that the Alanciari military were scouring the peninsulas of the Six Claws for any trace of the Sith invaders. While it was likely the Sith would return, he assured his people that the War Cabinet had ordered the deployment of anti-air forces in the west to counter the invaders.

The Keshiri actress' play and the Mayor's speech was well-received by the Alanciari crowd in Kerebba, which erupted into a patriotic fervor which was flavored with strong Sith undertones. By contrast, the Sith Edell Vrai was angered by the deeply Sith undertones of the Observance Day play but succeeded in controlling his anger. He also realized that the Alanciari were more advanced than the Sith and Keshiri on Keshtah. For Vrai, the play also confirmed that Adari Vaal had escaped and succeeded in reaching another continent. Vrai also regarded the Alanciari outdoor theater troupe's acting and costumes as amateurish in comparison to the Keshiri performance troupes that were a long-standing and vibrant tradition in Tahv.

The UnificationEdit

While her whereabouts and fate following the Sith invasion are unknown, it can be presumed that the Keshiri actress was pressed into the service of the new Sith authorities, which employed Alanciari's performance troupes to win over the Alanciari population. Following the Sith annexation of Alanciar, the Observance Day plays were phased out in favor of newer productions which commemorated how the Alanciari soldier Jogan Halder had traveled to the Sith homeland and "learnt" that the Sith were actually benevolent. These plays employed Alanciari actors, costumers, and storytellers but also imported actors and songwriters from Keshtah. While the Sith encouraged the development of Alanciar's theater tradition which had been hamstrung by the "long emergency", they sought to minimize Adari Vaal's influence and to promote the notion that the past two millennia of Alanciar's history was a period of "collective madness" dominated by the fear of a "non-existent" Sith threat.

Personality and traitsEdit

As with many Alanciari Keshiri, this unidentified Keshiri actress was raised from young to view the Lost Tribe of Sith as a threat and to commit her life to the Great Cause of defending Alanciar from the Sith. Due to her acting skills, she was selected by the Alanciari authorities to work as an actress in a performance troupe. Since all aspects of pre-Unification Alanciari society revolved around the Great Cause, the actress was expected to propagate the teachings and messages of Adari Vaal, the "Rock of Kesh." Following the Sith Unification, it can be assumed that her talents and skills were put into the services of the Sith authorities.

Behind the scenesEdit

The Keshiri actress was created by John Jackson Miller for Lost Tribe of the Sith: Pandemonium, the ninth novella and finale of the Lost Tribe of the Sith series. This marks her first and only known appearance in the Star Wars Legends body of literature.