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"I am Dool Pundar...and my Trade Federation affiliation is long expired. Shut down all weapons and prepare to be boarded by my droids. Resist, and you will die."
"You won't get any fight from us, Pundar. But be aware this freighter and its cargo are owned by Noggox the Hutt... and Noggox would sooner work with pirates than against them."
―Dool Pundar to the Captain after capturing the freighter[src]

A Klatooinian was captain of a freighter belonging to Noggox the Hutt during the Clone Wars.


"This is terrible, Captain! Noggox will be livid!"
"Relax Lieutenant. We weren't carrying anything illegal, the freighter was insured--and Noggox told me exactly what to do if we were raided by pirates. Transmit an emergency distress signal to Coruscant!"
―A Lieutenant to the captain[src]

A male brown-skinned Klatooinian was captain of a freighter. The freighter was owned by Noggox the Hutt.[1] In 21 BBY,[2] the ship was carrying droid brains to the Fondor Shipyards when it was intercepted near Shipwrights' Trace by a pirate ship. The pirate Dool Pundar contacted the Captain and ordered his surrender and sent B1 battle droids to capture the freighter, though the Captain warned him that the ship was owned by Noggox. Pundar allowed the crew to take refuge in an escape pod. As Pundar absconded with their freighter a lieutenant voiced his concerns to the Captain, who ordered him to transmit a distress signal to Coruscant. He and the crew were later recovered safely.[1]

Behind the scenesEdit

The Captain appears in 2011's The Clone Wars: Strange Allies, a comic tie-in to the Star Wars: The Clone Wars Secret Missions series.


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