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Ramids Nikto crew member

Ramid's Klatooinian crew member

This Unidentified Klatooinian crew member served aboard the spacer Ramid's starship in 139 ABY. That year, he took part in the successful kidnapping of Ania Solo, Ramid's estranged former love who was wanted by the Galactic Federation Triumvirate for the alleged murder of the Imperial Knight Teemen Alton. Later, he was sent to feed Ania some snacks. During that encounter, Ania managed to overpower him with a rod since he was inexperienced at kidnapping. Ania was later overpowered by Ramid and his Twi'lek pilot, who locked her back inside the storage locker. Later, Ramid's starship was pursued by another bounty hunter, who piloted a TIE/sa bomber. During the pursuit, Ramid's starship sustained heavy damage and the Klatooinian was killed during a forced-landing.