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"We'll only get one shot at this—Make it count."
―The Klatooinian as he loads the last rocket into a launcher[src]

A male Klatooinian was a member of a band of pariahs who lived in a settlement on the Outer Rim planet Ragmar V during the final year of the Clone Wars. The Klatooinian worked closely with another Klatooinian. When a Republic gunship arrived on Ragmar V in order to establish their own outpost, the Klatooinian loaded a missile launcher that the other Klatooinian fired at the gunship with, destroying it. The Jedi and clone trooper occupants survived however and made their way to the settlement. Gaan rallied the outcasts and told them that they would make a stand. When the Jedi and his troops arrived however, clone Sergeant Remy received the command to execute Order 66, an order that labeled all Jedi as traitors to the Republic and that they were to be executed immediately. Gaan and the Jedi made peace as they took cover, and the Klatooinian battled the clones with the rest of the settlement. They won the fight and began to make preparations to fight the next wave of clone troopers.[1]


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