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"Enough waiting. Let's take him to detention like any other saboteur."
―The guard discusses Cole Fardreamer[src]

This Kloperian guard was part of a group of 50 Kloperians working on Coruscant to upgrade the New Republic's starfighters. The Kloperians were installing detonators in the starfighters on behalf of the Dark Jedi Kueller. This guard, along with a couple of Humans and a Mon Calamari found Cole Fardreamer inside a prototype X-wing starfighter. Fardreamer had discovered a detonator, however, the Kloperian guard accused him of having planted it himself. The Kloperian, armed with three blasters, shot at R2-D2, the droid accompanying Fardreamer, when the astromech droid jacked into a computer terminal, summoning General Wedge Antilles.[1] Antilles arrived soon after and dismissed the Kloperian guard.[2] The guard later went to the office of Mon Mothma to complain of the treatment it had received.[3]


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