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This sentient species was native to Kromus. Their homeworld was one of many worlds that were subjugated by the Confederacy of Independent Systems during the early stages of the Clone Wars. The Separatists established a research facility on its surface, and the Old Republic dispatched Jedi Master Darrus Jeht and the Maelstrom's task force to destroy it, for it was believed that Kromus was the construction site of the so-called Starkiller project. Complete destruction of the facility was ordered, but Master Jeht discovered that it had been built around a city of more than two million of them. When Jeht's officers found that a clerical error had transposed the survey data of Kromus with its sister world, Kromol, Master Jeht was forced to launch a ground-based assault in order to minimize the loss of civilian life. However, the activation of the Starkiller weapon forced an immediate response, and Master Jeht had to fire on the facility from orbit, destroying the weapon and killing more than two million of them. Unfortunately for the survivors, the destruction of Starkiller's hyper-point destabilizer caused intense seismic and atmospheric damage to Kromus, and the planet was abandoned as dead by both sides of the fighting. The loss of Kromus was a blow to the Republic, as word of the virtual extermination of them caused many other star systems to secede from the Republic and join the Separatists.