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"Look out Jar Jar, a crab droid is headed right for you!"
―C-3PO speaking with Jar Jar Binks about this droid.[src]

An LM-432 crab droid was stationed in the planet of Rodia during the subsequent apprehension of Senator Padmé Amidala and served under command of Nute Gunray.


In 22 BBY, this LM-432 unit attacked senator Amidala's companions, representative Jar Jar Binks and protocol droid C-3PO, in the hangar of the Rodian city. In the ensuing fight, the crab droid opened fire on Jar Jar and he was forced to retreat behind a stack of crates. The droid then sneaked up behind the Gungan, and threw him into the air with it's large claws. Jar Jar then landed on top of the droid, which tried to shake him of, but got to close to the edge of the hangar and fell into the water, dragging the Gungan with it.