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"Six meters of muscle, teeth, and venom. Hyperfast reflexes and a vicious streak as wide as the Cron Drift. I'd say you're looking at the most efficient predator in history. My taxidermist just stuffed it this morning."
―Tyro Viveca, on his new trophy[src]

This Lamproid was present on the planet Kabal in 0 ABY. He had gray-green skin and white fangs. He was hunted down and killed by the Krish big-game hunter Tyro Viveca, who then had the body taxidermied. Viveca displayed the Lamproid as a trophy in his estate on that world. He had the Lamproid's body mounted to a wooden base and posed as if in mid-strike. The wealthy Krish showed off the dead Lamproid to Cecil Noone.[1]

Viveca captured the Lamproid's mate, whom he sedated and locked in a force cage. Viveca intended to hunt her down at a later date.[1]


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