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"Last week we tracked a gang of Lamproid smugglers to a meeting ground a short distance from this terminal. The smugglers dispersed but they left us with a problem. Apparently they had collected a small menagerie of ill-tempered animals to stage a live version of dejarik. The Lamproids freed the animals when we arrived. Now the creatures have built lairs all over the place. This problem is best handled by experienced hunters who know the area. CorSec will pay a nominal fee for the destruction of any of these lairs. Contact us for target coordinates."
―Mission terminal message from the CorSec Animal Control Division[src]

These Lamproid smugglers staged a game of dejarik on Corellia using real animals in 2 ABY. When the Corellian Security Force showed up, the Lamproids escaped, leaving the beasts to roam free. The Corellian Security Force's Animal Control Division put out a briefing to mission terminals offering a small reward to anyone willing to exterminate the smuggled animals.