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"Let's see what this little guy can do."
Kyle Katarn, taking control of the MSE-series droid[src]

This MSE-6 droid was stationed at the Imperial outpost on the planet Kejim in 12 ABY. On the day that Kyle Katarn and Jan Ors infiltrated the outpost, it was present in the section of the outpost utilized for conducting experiments with Artusian crystals. After coming across a chamber that was harmful to his health, Katarn used the droid to make the chamber conducive to the existence of organic beings once again so that he could pass through safely.


When Katarn moved an Artusian crystal out of place in a chamber used for laser testing while the lasers were still firing, the lasers went in many erratic and unsafe directions. Katarn's unauthorized experiment not only caused a hole to be cut in an otherwise stalwart and locked door; it also somehow made a nearby testing chamber populated by three Imperial officers to fill with a green, gaseous substance, rendering it unsafe for habitation.

In order to leave the outpost, Katarn would need to pass through the chamber, but the accident that Katarn had caused had also left the chamber's other door inoperable. The answer to this dilemma lay in taking control of this MSE-6-series repair droid, which waited dormant in a nearby alcove. The droid's controls were situated behind a strong transparent pane whose access was governed by a lock that could only be activated with a code cylinder. Katarn searched the corpse of a dead officer who had expired within a conveniently short distance from the door and found one.

When he used the code cylinder on the lock, Katarn was given access to the droid's control station and commandeered the droid. Eventually Katarn guided it to a maintenance switch at the end of a service duct. The droid turned off a series of pumps which fed coolant into a series of pipes in the afflicted chamber. This action remedied the situation, ridding the chamber of the toxic gas and restoring operation to the chamber's other door, which allowed Katarn to move on. The service duct used by the droid contained an additional switch that allowed access to a hidden power converter that could be used to recharge blasters, but it is unknown if Katarn noticed it or availed himself of the opportunity to charge his weapons.